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New Beginnings

Anxious-filled or Inspiring? A New Perspective for Starting Something New.

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Starting something new can be scary. We should know- as creatives we start projects all the time- from beginning

a story to putting that first stroke of paint on a blank canvas. There is always a worry that we might mess up, that the idea isn't

good enough- that we might fail. But that is where the joy of art is found- in the messy process of figuring it out!

So maybe you are beginning your first year of kindergarten or entering middle school or starting high school or anywhere in between.

Maybe you're nervous about meeting new people, or uncertain about your class load or anxious about the million different possibilities that this school year brings.

Here is my challenge to you- find a new perspective, jump into the chaos, get excited about the unknown!

Because just like art- thats the beauty of life. If we allow ourselves to truly see the beauty of the world around us, the excitement of meeting

someone new, the joy of learning new things and the amazing adventure of everything in between- how much more fulfilling would life be?

We cannot wait for you to join us next week and begin this beautiful, messy, unknown journey together!


The Blue Cicada Team