Our Mission

Why are we here?

  • To celebrate community

  • To spread awareness for the importance of the arts

  • To teach fine arts effectively and with passion

  • To engage kids and adults alike with creative and outside-the-box thinking

  • To constantly ask “Why”- to wonder and be inspired

  • To a create a safe space for kids and adults to be themselves

  • To encourage authenticity

  • To understand that art is the beginning of empathy

What is art?

Art is all about change. You will not and cannot be a master of your craft upon first picking up the brush or pencil or whatever your utensil of trade may be. If you fail- try again. Not harder- just again and again and again. Practice makes progress- not and never perfection.

Life and art are about change, progress; constantly meta-morphing into something new and beautiful. If your perspective changes (within the boundaries of art or life) and you discover even a modicum of the beauty and eccentricities life has to offer, then you have found the purpose of art.